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  Company   Environmental Management & Controls, Inc.
  3106 S Faith Home Road
  Stanislaus ,   CA 95380
  Contact Person   Gaye  Nelson
  Phone : (209)667-1102
  Alt Phone :
  800 Number : (800)552-6121
  Email :
  • Broker
  • Processor
  • Transporter
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  Permits and/or Licenses   CA Rad License #3546-50 ,SC Transport Permit #1450-12-04-Y,WA Site Broker Use Permit #B400,TX Trasporter W0007,WCS Approved Broker CAEMC1EMC,NRC RIS #YBI
  Radionuclides Accepted   Any nuclide with atomic number 3-104
  Limits or Restrictions   Not to exceed 9000 Ci H3, not to exceed 150 Curies all other isotopes, not to exceed 1000 mCi alpha emitters, not to exceed 11000 lbs source material, Ra226 individual source not to exceed 100 mCi, SNM not to exceed a unity of 1.
  Comments   See our Radioactive Materials License for more information.