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  Company   Curie Environmental Services
  4020 Vassar Drive NE, Suite D
  Bernalillo ,   NM 87107-2058
  Contact Person   Scott  Logan
  Phone : 505-888-9392
  Alt Phone : 480-236-9284
  800 Number :
  Email :
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  • Transporter
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  Permits and/or Licenses   State of New Mexico Radioactive Materials License Number RS500-01.EPA ID NUMBER NMR000015859 for mixed waste transportation.
  Radionuclides Accepted   Most radioisotopes are accepted. Curie specializes in Am-241, Ra-226 and Ni-63 smoke alarm recycling, H-3 exit sign recycling and U-nat, U-dep and Th-nat chemical compound recycling.
  Limits or Restrictions   Per our license.
  Comments   Curie provides mail back kit for recyclable radioactive materials including smoke alarms, exit signs, uranium/thorium chemical compounds (including nitrates and corrosives) and selected sealed sources