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  Company   MACTEC, Inc.
  751 Horizon Court,Suite 104
  Grand Junction
  Mesa Co. ,   CO 81506
  Contact Person   Steve  Rima
  Phone : 970-243-2861
  Alt Phone : 970-260-3848
  800 Number :
  Email :
  • Broker
  • Processor
  • Transporter
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  Permits and/or Licenses   NRC License No. 05-27748-01, which allows characterization, decontamination, decommissioning and remediation of facilities; solidification and/or treatment of waste; packaging of waste; and transportation.
  Radionuclides Accepted   Up to 100 curies of byproduct material with Atomic Nos. 1 through 103; up to 10,000 kilograms of uranium and thorium; up to 350 grams of U-235; up to 200 grams of plutonium; or up to 200 grams of U-233.
  Limits or Restrictions   See answer to No. 3.
  Comments   MACTEC's corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, with over 100 offices throughout the U.S.