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  Company   Alaron Corporation
  2138 State Route 18
  Lawrence ,   PA 16157
  Contact Person   Steve  Ferguson
  Phone : 513-583-1744
  Alt Phone : 724-535-5777
  800 Number :
  Email :
  • Broker
  • Processor
  • Transporter
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  Permits and/or Licenses   NRC contaminated equipment 37-20826-01; NRC waste processing 37-20826-02; PA NARM contaminated equipment & waste processing PA-0678
  Radionuclides Accepted   equipment & waste: Z# 1-96; sealed sources: any
  Limits or Restrictions   Equipment & waste 300Ci limit; Sealed sources Z# 1-91 1000Ci limit; Sealed sources Z# 93 and higher 100Ci limit; Special Nuclear Material 350g U-235, 200g U-233, 200g Pu, not to exceed 1 for sum of quotients
  Comments   Electric motor, pump, and valve decontamination and repair shop